Life Journal

San Francisco, USA
Media Industry
Objective-C, Google Maps API, Pubnub, Sketch, NodeJS

Life Journal

Document your life and share the now with your friends

Living in the Now. More than 4 billion people use smartphones and have access to the internet. Life Journal wants to enable millions of people around the world to create a journal of their life, so they can get back to where they were and share this unique experiences with their family. In this world, all of us, want to leave a “trace” behind. Life Journal enables all of us with a push of a button.


“This world is full of continous information overload - and I still don’t know, what I did last week.”, said Danielle Kaiser, a San-Francisco based entrepreneuer. Danielle talked with her husband about this phenomen of constant change and same time the feeling of capturing all those moments in her own journal. “I feel like writing my own life journal, but of course not with pen and paper, but with my iPhone.”, she explained.

Danielle got introduced to Hackerbay via our mutial friend Joseph.

The challenge of the project Life Journal is to develop an engaging customer experience. The market for social media / communication apps is very competitive and a lot of people would like to build their own unique idea in the market; but the key to a successful social media app with millions of users is a very disciplined data-driven solution towards customer development.

“Hackerbay made a profession out of software development. It felt like scientific research.”

The Hack Effect

The scope of a social media app is very important to define from the start. “The first question Marc asked me, was: How does success look like? 10 Daily Active Users, 100 Daily Active Users, 1000 Daily Active Users, 1 Million Daily Active Users, 1 Billion Daily Active Users?”, Danielle explained. “For Hackerbay building an app is not a challenge, because of their strong hacker network and experience they can build basically every line of software.” The real challenge is a different way of thinking, building software in an iterative way in order to develop software customers love. The first ZX1 prototype could be turned over in just 24 hours and we were testing this mockup with different language networks and real users in the first week. After gathering the data of the feedback, the first prototype of the app got tested with the real customer audience at scale.


Danielle tested the first version of the Life Journal app in New Zealand. The market for social media in the US is very competitive, especially because of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Therefore it is best-practice to test customer audience and retention in a country with a similiar demographic, but not the US market.

“Hackerbay transformed my idea into a scientifc experiment with a lot of success. Life Journal got tested and optimized in several offshore countries and we will release in the next couple of months the App in the US Apple App Store.”

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