Mountain Snow Report

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Salzburg, Austria
Weather API, React, Javascript, Elastic Search

Mountain Snow Report

Lowering tourists risk due to weather conditions on their vacation destination

Wintersport is the number one tourism attraction in Austria. Latest climate change has deterred tourists to travel to Austria the last few yours because of lack of snow. Especially families have to book their vacation well in advance in order to manage their holidays at work with each other. For them, as it is their vacation, it is essential to have the best snow and weather conditions during their trip for having the best experience. Currently it is quite an effort for people who book their vacations online to get weather forecasts long before in advance right on the platform where they book flights, hotels, etc.


Peter Haller, the CEO of a online Wintersport platform, approached Hackerbay in order to make his vision of a weather app implementation reality. In 2015 his business already suffered from less customers who booked their Winter vacation on his plattform because of bad weather conditions in certain areas over the last years. This had upset tourists so they didn’t book again. For sure it was not Haller’s businesses fault, but preventing his clients from a bad holiday experience is his mission for the next years.

As the Winterseason 2016 was starting soon and people were already planning their vacations, Haller needed his App idea to be implemented as soon as possible, so he could reengage with upset customers he had from the past years and show them his new weather feature app to convince them coming back to Austria booking via his plattform.

"Even though you can’t change weather conditions, you can for sure give people advice where to go best", he said.

Concerning the time to deadline it was in Hackerbay’s hands to make the project a success. Because Haller didn’t have in mind how the features should look like and if people are really using it, we took on our Hackeffect process - Hackerbay’s unique approach for software development - iterating the product into the product-market-fit.


To get started, we at Hackerbay took the on the idea and created a first visualization of the idea within 24h to iterate on design and features. The next step was to be build a clickable design prototype with all screens of the web app to test it in real user environment and get feedback. After iterating a couple more times on the features and UI/UX the project was done after a total of 16 days.

“Challenges are there to be mastered.
I don’t like failing.”

The Hack Effect

The scope of a social media app is very important to define from the start. “The first question Marc asked me, was: How does success look like? 10 Daily Active Users, 100 Daily Active Users, 1000 Daily Active Users, 1 Million Daily Active Users, 1 Billion Daily Active Users?”, Danielle explained. “For Hackerbay building an app is not a challenge, because of their strong hacker network and experience they can build basically every line of software.” The real challenge is a different way of thinking, building software in an iterative way in order to develop software customers love. The first ZX1 prototype could be turned over in just 24 hours and we were testing this mockup with different language networks and real users in the first week. After gathering the data of the feedback, the first prototype of the app got tested with the real customer audience at scale.


Winterseason has just started and the new feature of Peter Haller’s business is very well used. People now can validate their risk when planning their holidays.

“Working with Hackerbay was just so smooth and easy because communication was so efficient. The scoped down the idea an iterated to the perfect product for my customers. Hackerbay proofed themselves to me. They are my future ressource when it comes to projects like this.”

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