Hackerbay is a private software company that specializes in big data analytics for the industrial sector.

We re-define the possible for large enterprises by utilizing the positive super-powers of hackers.


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Hackerbay was founded by four German Hackers with a background in the finance and private equity industry. We founded Hackerbay because the world needed to be hacked: trains were late, health care inefficient, and customer service terrible. We knew things could be better. So we made the pact - no more unnecessary compromises only necessary solutions.

Christian Strobl Hackerbay

Christian Strobl


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Marc Seitz


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Michael Strobl


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Tobias Jost



Hackerbay is funded by top Silicon Valley investors like Facebook’s Stan Chudnovsky and venture capital firms from Israel and Silicon Valley.

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Our Values

We believe in a world with open access to technology innovation.

We're optimists. To us, optimism means it doesn’t matter how good your ideas are: they can always be better. When we let good ideas win over bad ideas, when we let our thinking evolve, Hackerbay innovates and gets better every single day. That's positive evolution.

Tenacity is not just hustling 24/7 but hustling smart. Tenacity is setting a goal and getting it done, no matter what, because you are stronger than your best excuses. Tenacity is pushing yourself to the limit and finding that you are limitless.

Hacking means taking nothing for granted—that way hackers never stop learning. Hacking means living by strategic risk-taking and transparency—that way hackers remain on the cutting edge while earning your trust, the bedrock of all good hacking work. Because with trust, hackers don't just compete—they collaborate.

If we deliver exactly what we promised, we have fallen short of our own expectations. Instead, we expect ourselves to discover new ways of innovating while guiding each client through our creative process. The more we deliver for our clients, the more our clients will deliver in return.

Hackerbay is a team of owners. That means all of us take responsibility for Hackerbay's success and hold others to the high standards we demand of ourselves. It means letting everyone contribute in ways that let their strengths shine: together, we are stronger than the sum of our parts.