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Globalizing Hacker Culture

You've seen our services and the products that we offer: our main goal is to deliver ground-breaking technology and innovative digital solutions to your corporation.

But there is more to Hackerbay than that. Our hackers are among the best software specialists in the world, but our products are the most unique because we work with the philosophy of “Hacker Culture”– or the mind-set of infinite possibility. Our hackers believe there is no challenge too big to tackle. In fact, the bigger the better.

The more we learn about technology, the more advanced we become as a society. The more advanced we become, the more we learn, and so on. We create technology, but we are also driven by it. This cycle exposes the mutual reliance between human evolution and technological innovation.

Hackers place in Society

The Hackers

For a very long time, ‘hackers’ have been typecast as deviants, introverts and even criminals. This misrepresentation by the media and popular culture has severely damaged the reputation of hard-working software developers across the world, and completely distracts from the crucial role they are actually playing in modern society, every single day..

Technology has become the backbone of our social infrastructure. Even basic, day-to-day functions would be impossible without it. We live in a consumerist society, always looking for the next best thing– a so-called ‘culture of upgrades’. Hackers are not deviants and criminals. Hackers are self-taught, technological experts driven by the endless need to learn, build and improve. It is their passion for digital innovation that singlehandedly feeds this culture of upgrades. They are the architects of our social infrastructure, and the enablers of modern day existence.

Self-taught technological experts

Our Mission

At Hackerbay, our mission is to Globalize Hacker Culture, the mind-set of infinite possibilities. We want to take humanity into the next phase by unlocking hidden, digital potential that we know is lying undiscovered in the minds of many great hackers and software developers all over the world. To achieve this, we’re building a new kind of company that has never been seen.

We are an empowerment platform connecting the worlds of business and technology and more specifically, connecting companies to the best software engineers in the entire world. By harnessing the power of technology to address core human needs, we aim to drive a bottom-up redistribution of power, capital and opportunity. In other words, we are looking to change the infrastructure of the establishment from the inside, and for the better.

AirBnB 30b Uber 70b Salesforce 200b Facebook 400b Google 580b Apple 700b
$ 1 trillion market cap in silicon valley through top tech companies

Despite the fact that this is a huge endeavour, Hackerbay is prepared to work as much as possible to facilitate change. We know we cannot do this alone, but that is why we call ourselves an empowerment platform. We want to use technology to facilitate change in corporate environments that will have a far greater impact than we alone could have. We just want to play our small part, and get the ball rolling.

Success can only come if we change the attitude of society, and if we live by a new, uncompromising set of values that are fully dedicated towards augmenting the quality of life for everyone. We hope we can play our part by reflecting these values in our company culture, attitude and vision. Help us Globalize Hacker Culture.

The Values of Hacker Culture

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