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HackerFX is a 2 days immersion into product development methodologies led by Hackers, professionals form corporates and starups around the world.

Hack on some of the most challenging and rewarding projects in the world. Through 100s of hackathons, Hackers should not be only valued and requested for their talent to build products and take smart decisions. Hackers should be valued being great humans, who can build things. Being hackers ourselves, Hackerbay is created a freelancer marketplace for professionals, with the best DX (developer experience) possible.

Hackerbay is a network of the world’s fastest hackers and designers and product managers to provide on-demand development for companies. If you think, you have what it takes to be a great hacker, let us know and we will get you covered.

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Get even better in what you love doing – hacking.

Your ability to build something quickly is leveraged here. Our clients are educated to value speed.
The best way to learn is to work with great people on great project that are on time and on budget.
Hackers on Hackerbay have earned more than $150.000 USD. Get rewarded for your creativity and skills.

Silicon Valley based, global network

The heart of Hackerbay’s network is in Silicon Valley, but we’ve brought together the best talent anywhere. Over 1600 of the best builders on earth call Hackerbay their home.

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