Innovation, Experimentation, Agility: the core pillars of every Silicon Valley giant. Hackerbay believes that talent and capital should not be landlocked in this 20sq miles, so we are extracting the power of Silicon Valley and making it available to you and your company, anywhere in the world. Hackerbay is an invite-only network of the top digital talent, or Hackers. Our Enterprise branch provides consultancy in tech, thought leadership and education in Hacker Culture, aimed at dynamic and ambitious companies who are want to compete with the Valley giants. Technological innovation is the key to survival in the new economy.

Our Hacker Culture attitude is the foundation of the company, and it comes directly from the people. Our core, 10-person team of Hacking Consultants has won over 150 hackathons between them. They’re at the top of their game. There was plenty of raw talent, dynamism and drive to go round– but it was hard to pin down and describe simply and effectively. How could be build an identity around all of this? How could I illustrate this energy and communicate it accurately?

Project Overview

Project Duration
8 Weeks
Launch Date
April 2017

Project Focus Chart


As we begun to explore the task at hand, I magnetically gravitated towards the notion of Hacker Culture. It was not only the most unique part of the team, but it was– and is– our universal value. Hacking is our passion, not just inside the office, but outside too. I myself am a design hacker, with over 10 hackathon victories and 2 organized hackathons. In Germany, the hackathon culture and the startup culture are strongly interwoven, and has led to a high-density hacker network with experts from all fields in technology. The intellectuals in this startup/hacking network aren’t just hackathon associates, but true friends with the same vision and outlook on life. It is a very unique community. And with 150 accumulated hackathon wins on our team, plus having organised the biggest hackathon that Germany has ever seen, Hackerbay really is the nucleus of Hacker Culture.

For these reasons, we kept Hacker Culture in mind during the entire design process, plus the re-branding, identity development and language restructure. It was an extremely intense time whilst iterating between design and code, back and forth continuously, in order to develop and discover new things along the way with every little iteration. We left all decisions open intentionally, in order that our design process remained fluid rather than strict, maintaining a suitable weighting between conceptual implementation and hands-on code innovation.

The main “hacker type-font” that we decided on is highly impactful, bold and unapologetic in its skeletal structure, but also acts as a “window” to other landscapes and places in the real world when digitally vectorized– almost like a portal into the dynamic, fast-paced lanscape of Hacker Culture. This portal represents the connection between the worlds of business and technology that Hackerbay is making. It is the main graphical element which anchors the layout.

We made 3 different versions of the hacker type-font, with varying layouts and different photography approaches. There are all used across a broad range of Hackerbay media and content, such as sales proposals, internal and client presentations, press articles, industry insights, brand communication. It also is the staple for our high-tech, academic blog-site, Hackerbay Perspectives. It structures the dashboard, as well as all the articles themselves. The hacker type-font renders the Hackerbay brand a powerful presence digitally, and conveys Hacker Culture as close as we could make it.

Hackerbay runs educational, consultancy workshops with Silicon Valley Insights are on-boarded to clients, in order to propel them into the Hacker Culture mindset and embrace the change of technology in the digital age. These workshops are aimed to help customers understand the bigger picture where technology in business is concerned– and how absolutely integral it is to the survival of any company today.

The workshops are comprised of 5 phases: Adapt, Design, Build, Launch, Evolve. These phases break several topics down to atomic size, and reapply them to the clients business problems or opportunities in order to form disruptive and effectual digital solutions.

Within these 5 phases lies another layer of detail: a comprehensive 50-step structure, called The Hacker Framework. THF is explained in our Services section on the site as the transformational method and evolution-cycle which, when applied to digital challenges and proposals, will successfully produce a unique and high-quality solution.

We found that our clients very much appreciate knowing where they stand in the project cycle: with the 50-step method, we can inform our clients of minute detail and precise rate of progress.

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