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We take care of everything that is neccesary to rollout your product. Completely covered by the Hackerbay Guarantee.


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Hackerbay doesn’t let you hanging. Your Hackers will be there for you even after launch: Addons, iterations and extensions included.

Nothin is impossible for hackers

Hackers love to fight their way towards innovative solutions. With Hackerbay’s network of Hackers almost anything is possible.

Create a calendar event then order a pizza every time someone pings a special Slack channel? No problem.
From AI-powered shopping apps to a flying car remote control, we've done it all. Name your platform.
UI/UX Design
Your business doesn’t work without software, and software works better when it’s beautiful and intuitive.
New Technologies
Machine learning, data science, blockchain, drone control, augmented reality, and 3D printing. You name it.
Our developers use new frameworks like React with performant backends like Node to deliver ridiculously smooth experiences.
The talent on our bench has built rocket control systems & designed games with hundreds of millions of users.

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Free Pilot

After telling us about your requirements, you receive a 3-screen visualization of what your product might become. Absolutely fee and protecteed by our NDA.

Iterations Included

We fix bugs that come up during development in addition to offering several work revisions per milestone. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

Guaranteed Price

Every project on Hackerbay has a guaranteed, fixed price based on your requirements. If our final cost goes over, we take full responsibility.

Long-term Support

Other services will ditch clients when the going gets tough. We want to form long-lasting relationships with our clients. We’re not going anywhere.

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