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The Hackerbay team is the core of our unique identity: we are agents of Hacker Culture. We are the ones who want to democratize the best digital talent, spread it through the corporate landscape and achieve extraordinary outcomes with a combination of entrepreneurial know-how and technological intelligence. Each member of the Hackerbay team is passionate about building relationships between corporates and hackers– or, self-taught technological experts whose talent and skill deserve to be utilized.

You as a client will work directly with members of our core team, who will act as your personal technological consultants, plus a hand-picked selection of hackers from our exclusive invite-only network. The Hackerbay consultants work with both the client and the hackers on a close, personal basis, acting as the bridge between the worlds of business and technology. We truly believe that our entrepreneurial skill and corporate experience, combined with technological know-how and digital insights, can create truly innovative and ground-breaking solutions like nothing that has been seen before.



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The Hackerbay Storyline


  • Year 2013 In 2013 we attended our first Hackathon where we started to teach ourselves coding and design skills.


  • Early 2014 After hosting a few hackathons (including the biggest one in Germany), we founded Hackevents – the world's leading search engine for hackathons where we grew our Hacker network to more than 1000 people.


  • Late 2015 We began to build the first products for companies.


  • January Founded Hackerbay in Berlin to provide companies with on-demand software development.
  • October We opened additional operations department back in Berlin where the majority of efficient engineering takes place.
  • Since Q4 2016 We have been growing 20% week-over-week and have doubled our inhouse team size within three months. We are currently working with the world’s most innovative companies.

Interviews about Hacker Culture

Hacker Culture

  • Christian Strobl Extraordinary outcomes

    Coding radically revolutionised my perception of what it means to truly achieve something.

    I grew up in a very small, Bavarian town in northern Germany where I was taught to carefully climb the career ladder, step by step, without taking risks. It was considered pretty progressive when I moved to Munich to study Law, but something wasn’t right and I became aware that all I was really doing was running towards a dead end. I quickly realised that I couldn’t thrive in an environment with a glass ceiling– so I decided to smash it.

    My first hacking victory came in 2015 when I won the European Space Agency Hackathon, a thrill unlike anything I’d ever felt. Hackathons are 24-hour programming challenges where you build software from scratch by making a rapid series of important decisions. This attitude totally opposed everything I had been taught in my home-town, but it suited me so much better. I adopted it as my own, and Hackerbay was launched in October 2016.

    Since then, we have been lucky enough to experience life in Silicon Valley, learn from the greatest minds in the industry and establish our HQ in Berlin. However for me, the true achievement has not been something I have gained, but rather something that I have lost: fear of the unknown. That might sound serious and even reckless, but it really defines my approach to work and life in general. Michael, Marc and Toby felt the same when we started out, and we realised we were living a new type of lifestyle– we call it Hacker Culture: the mind-set of infinite possibility.

    If I can’t tolerate a glass ceiling, then I believe that others shouldn't have to either. Hackerbay matches businesses with hackers who are capable of overcoming any limitations they might have. Through this, we are unlocking hidden potential in both entities and enabling them to grow exponentially. I work every day to empower my team to the best of my ability, and in turn, they empower our clients by actualising visions they didn't even know they had.

    3 last words on Hacker Culture? Creating Extraordinary Outcomes.

  • Marc Seitz Limitless

    Before we founded Hackerbay, I was working in Finance and I absolutely loved it. The only problem was that my ‘success moments’ were too far apart. I studied Economics and Finance at the University of Hong Kong, followed by Physics in Munich, but that wasn’t enough– I couldn't learn as much or as fast as I wanted, and I was always looking for the next challenge. After I started to code, I realised that I was in a totally new arena where the limits to what I could learn and create were non-existent, and that suited me perfectly.

    I was still at University when I started to code. At one point, I attended three Hackathons in three different cities on three consecutive weekends, all whilst attending class during the week. I built a computer from scratch in the library. That was when I realised that what I was doing wasn't normal, but I loved it. Before I knew it, I was flying to San Francisco to compete in Hackathons– and winning them. Concierge apps were hot in 2015, so I decided to make one for Hackathons. I did it in two days, and as I didn’t have an iPhone myself, I deployed the app at the Apple Store in Munich instead. My life had become unpredictable in a great way.

    Hackers are driven by the endless need to learn, build and improve, so it makes sense that the birth of Hackerbay came from a moment of standstill. I attended a Hackathon in London in 2016 and had to leave after 10 hours because it just didn’t feel new anymore. So instead of stopping, we changed track and built a company out of the expertise and diverse network that we had been gathering for the past few years, and it’s only getting stronger.

    I began coding because I couldn’t. My ignorance was my motivation. I have definitely learnt a lot over the past few years, but I wouldn’t say that I am particularly proud of my achievements. For me, the beauty of Hacker Culture is that there is no cap on your potential or limit to what you can create. If there are infinite possibilities, I guess that means you can never reach the ‘top’, because it technically doesn’t exist… but that’s what keeps me going.

  • Tobias Jost Breaking out

    Perspective is so powerful, but it can be dangerous. It is frighteningly easy to go through life with a one-dimensional perspective without knowing it. I left my job at a big advertising agency because I realised that something was lacking in my outlook and attitude towards my career– I was feeling unfulfilled, and obliged to compromise on my autonomy to ‘get ahead’. My creativity was being stifled by a political hierarchy where people were beating each other down, and it was poisonous. I had to get out.

    I founded my first start-up in 2015 and ran myself into the ground trying to make it work. It was the hardest challenge of my life to date, but it has given me a work ethic of steel and has taught me the utmost respect for those who aren’t afraid to break the mould. And that’s what I love about the hacker community. All of us at Hackerbay have very different professional backgrounds, but what we have in common is how suffocated we felt by the need to conform. I now work with the most aspirational and motivating network of self-taught individuals who don’t work inside the box, or even outside the box. The box doesn't even exist.

    The power and energy of a start-up environment is infectious. Seeing Hackerbay grow has given me a new perspective not only on professional life, but on the concept of limitations– or rather the lack of them. Hacker Culture is about exponentially learning– from successes and from failures. Our mentality is based on what we call ‘fast-failing’, where you can only learn and evolve from the mistakes you make. We truly feel this mentality makes us immune to defeat, because the possibilities are infinite. If that sounds ambitious to you, then give us the opportunity to try and change your perspective and unlock your hidden, digital potential. You may surprise yourself.

  • Michael Strobl The power of data

    It is common for ‘hackers’ to be negatively typecast as secretive, antisocial, detached from society and so on– but that is only because the term ‘hacker’ has been misunderstood, and people haven’t taken the time to look at it from another angle. In reality, hackers are highly intelligent strategists who are driven by the endless need to learn, build and improve.

    That is what first appealed to me about coding– I could escape the mundane and overcome limitations that few others could. There was nothing unique or exciting about my degree in Business Administration, but I particularly disliked the fact that I was doing something that so many others were doing. Having to work at other people’s pace was frustrating when I wanted to propel myself as far and as fast as possible.

    Coding has given me a very powerful grasp on data, which allows me not only to take new paths, but to build ones that don’t even exist. Our first-hand experience at the NFX Guild was truly eye-opening; we were exclusively invited to collaborate with some of the sharpest coders in the world when Hackerbay was only a few months old– and that’s when we knew we were on to something. Now we are back in Germany and growing at a rapid rate. Our ultimate goal is to revolutionize the relationship between business and technology by matching companies with hackers who are capable of unlocking their hidden digital potential.

    Technically though, I would say hackers don’t have ‘ultimate’ goals, because that suggests there’s an end-point. For us, the possibilities really are infinite– and they could be for you, too.

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