is a factory cloud platform striving to create innovation with jobs and make workers more valuable. As a commercial product it helps companies integrate industrial data and scale across the enterprise.


On the back-end, the Hackerbay IRIS platform has 5 core components to integrate industrial data and scale across the enterprise.

Work Order Mapping

Data warehousing system for CRM and ERP data

Sensor Fusion

Middleware for IoT and connected devices

Standard Part Streaming

Low latency performance streaming server

Real Time Planning

Downtime prediction machine system

Operation Module

Workstream collaboration for networked decision making


On the front-end, Hackerbay IRIS provides a suite of integrated tools optimized for active decision making. Factory workers can make better, more informed decisions based on user-centered designed interfaces.


Real time shift transparency

Horse Race

Drive better, more informed decisions with integrated planning

Roles & Authorization

Customized interfaces augmenting responsibilities

Shift Assistant

Pro-active predictions based on custom rules


Always accessible, instant accessibility


Hackerbay IRIS leverages latest open-source technology (Recurrent Neural Networks RNN and LSTM (long short-term memory) for time series prediction machines.




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