Make success a habit, not a goal

Number of ideas + testing + iterating = success

Instead of searching for the one perfect solution, testing and iterating on different ideas increases the outcome and lowers the risk of failing.

Critical Hits and near Misses

In a hit driven market, you can’t afford to waste time and resources on a project that is just good. Every project you focus on needs to potentially be the next hit on the app stores. But how do you get the teams to accept that stopping projects is normal and that failing is fine? Wooga came up with four things:

The Hit Filter

We are very open and transparent about the fact that the chance of a project to make it to global launch are rather slim. Per year, we’re working on more than 40 concepts and prototypes out of which only 10 enter production. The most promising of those soft launch in test markets and then less than a handful of games launch globally. From these we expect two to become hits.

Review Process

All projects are reviewed on a regular basis. Every time the question will be raised whether the game still has hit potential. The decision to end or continue a project is not made by the CEO of the company or even the Head of Studio. It is made only by the person responsible for the game, the Product Lead.

Knowledge Transfer

It is hugely important to ensure that all the learnings from a project will find their way into the organisation when the team is dissolved after a game has been stopped. It’s these learnings that will make the next game better and eventually allow us to deliver the next global hit.


Not all team members, particularly if we’re talking about a bigger team of a game already in production, will immediately be assigned to a new project. For those we have invented Lab Time. In Lab Time, employees get to learn new skills or get to realise a project that they’ve pitched to the company.

All of the above really helped us accept failure and the stopping of projects as a necessary part of creating hit games.


Pilots build
Finished Products
Users Reached

Cutting Edge Tools meet AI

Hackerbay’s unique software automization process that makes it possible to deliver pilot’s in hyperspeed - the hack-effect.

Strategy Institute

Hackerbay is providing the customer with a unique smooth onboarding flow letting startups and corporates describe their problem or idea easily. Of course ideas are protected by the Hackerbay NDA. A Silicon Valley Project Manager then takes on the information and scopes it down in order to prepare it for the automization part in the next step of the design studio.

Design Studio

Visuals say more than a thousand words. The automized design studio brings your idea to life immediately and gives you a leg up on your competitors. Having something tangible in order to test it and gather instant real user feedback helps you evaluating your idea in order to iterate on next steps of product features, language and design. The Pilot is ready within 24h after customers have submitted their problem/idea.

Technology Center

As soon as the features and design of the product are ready, Hackerbay hackers take on the idea to bring it to the next level. It is much easier and faster to develope and make adjustments on a finished mock-up than doing it on a already coded product. This fact, as well as the reason that the worlds best developers are working on the project makes Hackerbay the first choice for companies when it comes to software development.

Hackerbay transforms any idea into a finished product in no time, using software automiziation building blocks during the process of development.

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