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Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging’ social media platform where users publish and interact with short text updates of 140 characters. The site is popular not only with the public, but is utilized by people of influence, including celebrities, politicians and organizations.

Users with a large following have even become social media ‘celebrities’ in their own right via the platform. Twitter is also used as way to raise money for non-profit organizations, and even provides first-responders with information during natural disasters or matters of public concern. As of 2016, Twitter had more than 319 million monthly active users.

Project Overview

Twitter Inc.
Real Time Data Stream
Sports, Social Network
Project Duration
6 Weeks
Project Date
April 2016

Project Focus Chart

Accelerating the Data Stream


We were required to harness the audience from The Champions League Final using technology “to give people the same emotional experience during the game as if they would be watching the game live at the stadium”, Michael Umlandt (Product Manager, Twitter). As we only had one month, we had to streamline our solution-driven approach and carry it with smooth, inter-team communication.

We iterated it into the finished product through a series of rapid, short-term successes; from initial design mock-ups, to a hi-fi clickable version, to a user-ready prototype. Once launched, users could instantly sign up and start receiving content over the duration of the match. We had astounding results– the app amassed 1.3 million unique users during the game, and 4.2 million page impressions.

“A lot of the Hackerbay experience boils down to communication between them and us – the more open and straightforward both parties can be, the easier the process becomes.” Michael Umlandt, Digital Innovation Twitter Germany
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